A shitty Conclusion

I had met her in the club on a Thursday. We exchanged numbers after I had bought her 2 Long Islands. We talked in the phone and made plans for Saturday. We went for wings drinks and pool. We had a great laugh filled time.The actual date went so well, I was invited in for a night of hot steamy sex….And I was with it. She had a body like whoa! I was like yes! I texted my room mate and simply said mot coming home tonight! When i stopped the car she kissed me and pulled me in her house. Kissing was interrupted with the “let me freshen up comment”. She rapidly stripped in front of me leaving her clothes in the floor. She went in the bathroom. I stood to remove clothes down to my boxers. I just happened  to look at the pile of clothes and noticed a shitty thong. I faked an emergency and got the hell out of there! THIS DATE IS OVER!



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