Cocktails & Conversations: Oct. 18th!

  Liquor liquor all around, lets all have a DRINK! Folks spend a lot of time talking online and it’s time to do it face-to-face! Don’t be scurred! lol This is a great opportunity to check out and say farewell to Cantina Marina since they will be closing at the end of the month for redevelopment and for you to walk around the new and improved DC Wharf. Cantina Marina is on the water, so …read more →


So I had been doing the online dating thing for a while which made me kind of hip to some of the deceptive things that a lot of men do with their pictures and profile information.  As I was perusing this guy’s profile trying to determine if I should swipe left or right, I decided “what the heck?” and swiped right.  He was attractive and cleaned up nicely according to his picture.  However, he only had ONE picture [RED …read more →

Thank God For Facebook! (TGFF)

So I met this guy who was a part of the night shift crew at my job….when I’m clocking out, he’s clocking in. He’d regularly come into the office a few minutes early and we’d have small talk. I learned that he was ex-military and a gym rat with multiple jobs. Anyway, this dude was FINE, tall, and delicious, but I couldn’t really tell if he was digging me beyond a professional level and I damn sure wasn’t …read more →


So I pulled up to work one morning and I parked a little farther away than normal because my usual parking space was gone [I worked in a residential area]. As I finished up my breakfast and did a last minute touchup to my makeup, I noticed a man walk by and get into his car next to where I was parked. I didn’t really pay him any attention because I was still primping for work. A couple …read more →

Not All Black Men Fit The Stereotype

I didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth because I didn’t want him to feel bad. So, I naturally became distant for the next few days…wasn’t reaching out to him and my level of interest obviously changed. I finally got the nerve to tell him that I needed some space. I blamed it on..

Upcoming Events: Speed Dating – July 2017

The team is partnering with Professionals In The City for speed dating events in the month of July and we want YOU to join the fun! Purchase your tickets TODAY and we’ll see you there. You MUST use code “DATE” when you order your tickets for the events below. Arrive early so that you have time to mix and mingle before the dating begins! Best case scenario: You’ll have a fabulous date or three. …read more →

The Klutz

So I’d been seeing this guy for a while and he asked me out on a dinner date. I liked him a whole hell of a lot so, of course, I accepted. We had a fabulous time at the restaurant…the food was great, service spectacular, and the ambiance was just perfect. We couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment by holding hands, feeding each other, and sharing a kiss or two. It was …read more →

A Con and A Fraud

So, I met this guy on a dating app. We went out and he seemed like everything I could possibly hope for. I liked that he seemed goal-oriented, focused, and motivated. From our first date, he seemed like someone who knew what he wanted and was as tired of the dating scene as me. We met in October and by Thanksgiving, I met his family. I was for sure that he was serious about me, but …read more →

Asian Persuasion

So I had been dating this bi-racial guy (half black, half Chinese) off and on for a few months.  He was fine as hell; however, I was a little apprehensive about dating him initially for stereotypical reasons [I was afraid he would be too little in the middle], but I gave him a chance. We didn’t see each other consistently because we both had strenuous work schedules, travel, etc. He gave me a call when …read more →

Kiss Kiss

So, I was driving home one day after work and traffic was heavier than usual due to construction. While stopped, I noticed that one of the construction workers was fine as all hell. A gorgeous piece of Mexican man candy! He made eyes at me, I made eyes at him, and then BAM, I [yes me, shy me!] asked the guy for his number AND he gave it to me. [Wow!!!!!!!] I just couldn’t believe it. [Did …read more →