Dine and Dash

Dine and Dash

Group Of Friends Making A Toast To Celebrate Birthday

So I was at my homeboy’s house party where this woman sparked a conversation with me.  I was digging her because her vibes were on point and she was chill.  It took me three months to ask her out because I was fresh out of a relationship and was taking things very slowly.  Anyway, I invited her to dinner at a popular Brazilian steakhouse and she agreed to meet me there.

lambI arrived at the restaurant looking forward to our first date only to find out that she had the nerve to bring a friend.  [Who TF does that?] Her friend was cute and I was hungry, so I stayed.  I didn’t really say much because the two of them did most of the talking while the friend played spokesman so to speak.

I pretty much chilled and laid back as the night went on, but then the check came. This chick, my “date”, not only asked me to pay for her meal, but she asked me to pay for her friend’s meal as well.

This Date Is OVER!

I told her f*ck no and she caught an attitude with me.  So I paid for my food and left them both at the restaurant to figure out who was going to cover their tabs. How do you invite someone I don’t even know when I don’t even know you on our first date?  First dates are one-on-one. You don’t bring company.

Two beautiful shocked young women standing with opened mouths over white background


She thought I was a punk
P.S. She never apologized and, in fact, she called me about a month later and wanted to go out again, but I blocked her.

What would you do in this situation?  Would you have continued the date? Do you think he should have stayed? How do you feel he handled the date?

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Selfie King

Selfie King

Man and Woman Drinking at Bar So I was at  a holiday party on a Thursday night with one of my girlfriends and the place [a nightclub] was packed.  There was a free buffet and, naturally, we gravitated to that line. [Hey! A girl’s gotta eat! Why turn down free food? Lol]

While in line, this rather attractive guy approached me and it appeared that the attraction was mutual.  We had some small talk, exchanged numbers, and that was that.  I let him know that I had a busy weekend ahead due to previous engagements and the fact that it was a few days before Christmas, but that we’d definitely get a chance to speak once the dust settled.


He texted me that Saturday, but I completely forgot to respond because I was distracted and tied up with throwing my own party.  Once my party ended in the wee hours of the morning, I sent him a text message apologizing for the delayed response.

I only got a couple hours of sleep before I had to get up and head to another function: private brunch.  I shot dude a couple of quick texts and let him know that I was headed to my next event. He asked me to send him some pictures from brunch and since I HATE when people ask me for pictures [especially when we haven’t even gone out yet], I sent him a picture of my food. lol After brunch, I did a little Christmas shopping and crashed as soon as I got home because I had to work the next day.

Monday arrived and it was back to the rat race. I received a good morning text from the guy and we exchanged pleasantries.  We started talking about football and out of nowhere, he sent me 3 pictures of himself. [Ummmmm thanks? How narcissistic are you?] I told him that I thought him sending me pictures was random because I know what he looks like [I HATE unsolicited pictures from someone I just met! And this fool sent me 3, I repeat, THREE damn pictures like this was his online dating profile. This ain’t Tinder Bih! ] and his response was “life is unpredictable”.  That was the extent of our conversation because I was at work dealing with a number of customers and my job is VERY busy during the holiday season.

Thursday came around and I had completely forgotten to reach back out to the guy. [Sh*t! My bad] Work was crazy and I was trying to wrap up a few last minute things for Christmas since I did my shopping extremely late. He texted me that evening and seemed to be upset.

selfie king 1selfie king 2I thought the guy was being overly sensitive and because I didn’t want the text “disagreement” to go any further, I decided to call him to clear the air. I mean, it wasn’t that serious in my opinion.

Me: Hey! I just wanted to clear the air because I didn’t want you to think I was mad or anything like that.
Him: First of all, you need to greet me properly when you call my phone. 
Me: confused dogs
Me: Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I wasn’t mad at you and I don’t think this text spat or whatever you want to call it is necessary.
Him: Well, it’s rude that you didn’t respond.
Me: I didn’t know that your last line “life is unpredictable” warranted a response. I thought that was the end of the conversation. Besides if you….
[he interrupted me] 
Him: Well, you should’ve…
Me: Excuse me, I was speaking. 
[he started raising his voice]
Him: That’s not how a conversation works. It’s with two people and both people get to talk.
Me: Yeah, but I was in the middle of speaking and when I’m done, you will have the floor. Anyway, if you really wanted there to be more dialogue, you could’ve actually had more to say or simply call…
[he interrupted me again and started shouting]
Him: I don’t know what kind of  n*ggas you deal with, but I ain’t no p*ssy ass n*gga!!!
Me: confused dogs

This Date Is OVER!

This guy had a serious meltdown. I mean he was absolutely livid.  He probably didn’t hear me because he was yelling/ranting the entire time, but I said “I’m not going to argue with you chief. Bye!”, hung up, and blocked him immediately.

Of course, I could’ve called the guy beforehand or initiated more conversation before that point, but, honestly, I forgot.  It’s not that I didn’t want to get to know the him. I just had so much stuff going on and plus it was less than a week before Christmas. I would’ve been able to explain that had he not had a full-blown temper tantrum.



I Can’t Deal With An Argumentative Dude


What would you do in this situation?  Was she too insensitive? Was he too sensitive? Did he overreact? Did she overreact?

Comment below! Submit your relationship & bad date stories to info@thisdateisover.com.

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Tinder Date

Tinder Date

So I matched with this guy on tinder, we exchanged numbers from there and he suggested that we meet for drinks.  [Cool I love happy hour…right up my alley!] He asked me where I worked and I gave him some options to choose from that were close to me.  We narrowed it down to a sports bar or a swanky Mexican joint…..he chose the sports bar.

I beat him to the bar, so I ordered an appetizer and a drink while waiting.  I texted him to let him know where I was sitting and to see how long he would be.  He claimed he was looking for a parking space, but 30 minutes later, he finally walked in and sat down.  He was not as cute as his pics on tinder, but that’s beside the point.

time management concept. Stressed businesswoman looking at wrist watch, running late

Anyway, he ordered an orange juice…-_-.  Mind you HE suggested happy hour.  So I asked him if he didn’t like to drink since I found that to be weird when he suggested happy hour.  He said he has to be in the mood to drink….ok. [Whatever dude.]


We started talking and he looked at the menu from front to back twice and complained the entire time.  I suggested a few items on the menu and he turned them all down.  He finally decided to tell me that he doesn’t like many “American dishes” because he’s African and the only “American” food he likes is Mexican and Chinese food because of the rice [Oh the irony that the two “American” dishes he likes aren’t even American. but ok sir whatever].   So I sat there thinking to myself, but sir I ORIGINALLY HAD A MEXICAN PLACE IN THE OPTIONS AND YOU CHOSE THIS PLACE! You coulda chosen the Mexican joint if that was the case!


At that point, I was turned off because all he did was sit there complaining, which made it completely obvious that he didn’t really come on this date to get to know me…he just wanted to complain about Americans.


He rushed the date once he realized that I was uninterested after sitting there listening to him complain. He paid his tab, I paid my tab, and we went our separate ways.



Gotta love Tinder!


What would you do in this situation?

Comment below! Submit your relationship & bad date stories to info@thisdateisover.com.

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SOLD OUT: Late Night Laser Tag

SOLD OUT: Late Night Laser Tag


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Peace Out

Peace Out

So I was driving home from work and happened to be listening to the radio, which is super rare for me. I overheard a commercial for a comedy show that was happening that coming Friday at 8pm which was a couple of days away. [Holy sh*t! Why am I just now hearing about this show? Where have I been?] Anyway, I had my mind set on getting tickets because there were a lot of great acts on the lineup and I love me a good comedy show.

Date Night card with bokeh background

I called a guy that I hadn’t seen in a while, asked him to be my date, and he was down. [Yay! Did I mention he was fine as sh*t?? lol]  I let him know that I’d order the tickets when I got home and we’d figure out the other details like transportation and such.

To my dismay, the tickets were sold out. [F***!!!!!!!] Not one damn seat left…not a one!  I called the guy to let him know the situation and apologized that we weren’t able to go to the show. He suggested we go to the movies instead and I was fine with that as long as the showtime was around the time of our initial plans because I had to work very early the next morning.  He said he wanted to go to a theater that was 40 miles south of my house [the f***?] and I recommended another theater because his option was entirely too far.  We agreed to go the the movie theater we had gone to previously location and I told him I’d order tickets to the 7:45pm show.

Friday arrived and I got a text from him at 4:45pm saying that he had just gotten off of work and that he’d pick me up at 7pm.  [SWEET!]

  • 6:45pm rolled around and he said he’d be there at 7:15pm. Fine. That still gives us time to get to the theater and get settled.
  • 7:15pm came and went…no sign of the guy and I started to get annoyed because I rushed myself to get together and I didn’t want to miss the movie.
  • At 7:21pm, I received another text saying he’d get there at 7:33pm [what kind of random ass bullsh*t time is that?] and by that time I was pissed.  [The movie starts at 7:45pm…we gotta find parking and a good seat. I don’t have time for this sh*t!]  He told me to stop being mad because he was on his way and started to send me some kissing emojis to soften the mood. [Stop being mad? How about you stop being late? GTFOH

I said to myself, “If this dude isn’t here by 7:33pm, I’m leaving.” 7:33pm arrived and guess what?  HE WASN’T THERE!



I hopped in my car, broke all kinds of traffic laws and made it to the theater right before the movie started [Damn! I missed the previews!], and got a refund for the ticket that I purchased for him.   He called me at 7:45pm to tell me he was outside of my house. [Haaaaaaaaaaa! Boy bye!]

Female driver flipping off someone

Him: I’m outside of your house.
Me: I left.
Him: You left me?
Me: I sure did. You are late. You took too long.
Him: Oh aiight then.
Me: Have a good night.

I knew that me leaving pretty much sealed the deal between him and I [not in a good way] and I was fine with that because it’s not like we were building anything serious. I could have waited for him, but I was beyond through at that moment. I felt that his actions were rude and I don’t recall him even bothering to a) apologize or b) explain why he was late.  He got off at 4:45pm, so  I’m not certain why he couldn’t get himself together and be and my house by 7pm as HE suggested.  It’s not like I asked him to pick me up anyway.  And besides, I think me leaving was for the better because I’m certain I would’ve had an attitude once I saw him. Oh well!


Don’t Keep Me Waiting 


What would you do in this situation?  Was she too impatient? Was he wrong? Should she have waited?

Comment below! Submit your relationship & bad date stories to info@thisdateisover.com.

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Valentine’s Day Disaster

Valentine’s Day Disaster

So I was on my way to Europe, but had a layover in New Jersey. On my layover flight, I was gonna tune everything out and plug in my headphones, but the guy next to me decided to strike up a conversation [mother f*****!] He was not at all my type from a physical standpoint (his head was MASSIVE and his shoes were all the way run over), but he was very cool and I’m always down to connect with new people.

Anyway, we had the typical ‘where are you from, where are you going, what do you do’ conversation. He disclosed that he was a surgeon in New York and was excited to learn that I was a photographer, as his little sister was interested in pursuing a career in the same field. He asked for my card so that he could forward my contact information along to his sister. I obliged and he gave me his card as well. He told me to look him up if I ever came to New York and I encouraged him to do the same if he came to my town. We kept in touch every once in a while mostly via email and Facebook. He called me about a month later letting me know he’d be in my town for a conference and would like to meet up for lunch, but he never got back to me on the day we were supposed to get together.

Photo provided by myspace.com/bilaloliver

Fast forward a couple of months…

I posted on Facebook that I was going to see the singer Bilal in concert New York in February and asked some friends if they wanted to tag along, but they were unable to attend since it was in the middle of the week. The Surgeon saw my post and sent me a message asking who I was going to the concert with and I let him know I was going alone [there’s no shame in my game…I have no problems going places by myself. I love me some ME! lol].

He offered to take me to the concert and I thought that it was a very nice gesture, but decided to give him a call to pulse the situation because I wanted it to be absolutely clear, in a nice way of course, that I had no romantic interest in him and to politely express my displeasure with him blowing me off while in DC. He apologized, said taking me to the concert was the least he could do since I was going to be in his area, and that he would take care of getting the tickets. [SWEET!]

A few days later, the Surgeon pointed out that the Bilal concert just so happened to fall on Valentine’s Day which made me his Valentine by default [I already told you it wasn’t like that between us, but oh well. I’ll just take one for the team I guess.] and that it would only be appropriate for us to grab dinner as well. [Dinner isn’t necessary] I let him know that he didn’t have to make a big fuss over me, but he insisted that we go to dinner and I told him I’d be fine with whatever he decided.

Unfortunately, he had a very difficult time picking a restaurant which really got on my effin nerves because he kept texting me every five minutes second guessing and scrutinizing every single restaurant that he was considering. [OMG it’s not rocket science…just pick a place for crying out loud! UGH!]. I wasn’t from New York and didn’t know the area, so I was baffled by the fact that he was struggling to decide on a damn restaurant in his area.

Long story more boring, I let him know that the concert venue had a restaurant attached to it and suggested that we eat there since he couldn’t decide. I found out that since the concert fell on Valentine’s Day that the restaurant was only serving prix fixe dinner at $150 per couple that came with 3 course meal and a bottle of wine. I suggested that he find another location because I didn’t think the spending that much money was necessary. I mean, he already bought us tickets to the show, so tacking $150+ to that was over the top to me.  He said the price was not an issue and asked that I make the dinner reservations. [Sure…no problem]

A couple of days leading up to the concert, I contacted the Surgeon letting him know that I’d be arriving early afternoon via the Megabus [$18 roundtrip…you can’t beat that! lol] and that I’d be meeting up with my friend Joey [who I hadn’t seen since he moved to NY a few years prior] to do a little shopping, drinking and sight-seeing during the afternoon. The Surgeon asked if he should buy Joey a ticket to the concert as well and I told him no because Joey had dinner plans with his boyfriend [yes I said boyfriend] later that evening.



I arrived in New York and the weather was beautiful…sunshine…blue skies. As soon as I stepped off the bus, I stumbled upon the Cover Girl truck and got a free facial & lipstick. Then I went to my favorite watering hole in NY for some drinks and met up with my friend Joey shortly thereafter to do a little shopping….I was on cloud nine and could not WAIT to see Bilal.

I called the Surgeon letting him know that I was in New York and asked if we needed to arrive at the venue ahead of time to pick up the concert tickets before dinner or if he had already printed them out at home.


Him: What tickets?
Me: Stop playing. The tickets to the concert.
Him: You said you were getting the tickets.
Me: I said no such thing.
Him: You said you were making reservations.
Me: First of all, I said I was making DINNER reservations NOT buying concert tickets. Second of all, you were supposed to have gotten the tickets a couple of weeks ago prior to any dinner discussion. You even asked to buy my friend Joey a ticket. Come on now!

Things went completely downhill because the concert was sold out and this fool wasn’t quick enough on his feet to come up with a plan B. Oh and it didn’t help that I gave this dude the tongue lashing of a lifetime.


How can you be a surgeon, yet so stupid?

I blame myself…I should’ve stuck to my original plan and gone to the concert alone. In spite of the Surgeon’s stupidity, I had a great time in New York and spent the rest of my evening dining and catching up with my buddy Joey. And to top it all off When I arrived home, there was an edible arrangement and a lovely card waiting for me [from someone else…NOT that dumb ass surgeon lol]. How sweet!

I’m still salty that I didn’t get to see Bilal though! lol



This Is Exactly Why I Do Things By Myself!


P.S. I did harass the guy for a couple of weeks after the New York trip debacle (by setting my email to do an auto email everyday) explaining that I expected reimbursement for my travel expenses. Yes, that was petty and immature and I knew his dumb ass wasn’t going to pay me back, but I felt like being a nuisance….it was the least that I could do. lol


What would you do in this situation? Was she too naive? Was he wrong? Should she have gone to the show alone as planned?

Comment below! Submit your relationship & bad date stories to info@thisdateisover.com.

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