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Mr. Flaky

So this guy I hadn’t spoken to since the beginning of the year called me around Thanksgiving to catch up.  I wasn’t too enthusiastic about his call because he had been unresponsive when I tried to reach him a few times previously, but I decided to hear him out.  Apparently, he moved out of the area, 1000+ miles to be exact [I would have known that had he kept in touch], and he wanted to get together. …read more →

Prom Night 2017…Adults Only

Maybe you loved prom…maybe you hated it…maybe you didn’t go at all. It doesn’t matter!!!! (The Rock Voice) Lol The team invites you to dust off that Chinese collared tux or that ruffled gown and join us for our 2nd Annual Prom Night…The Do-Over on Saturday, June 24th at 10pm at All Set Restaurant in Silver Spring, MD and recreate your prom experience as an adult. Purchase tickets at Great Music Light Fare Cash Bar …read more →

Happy Birthday To Us!

If it’s your birthday, make some noise! April is such a fabulous month. Why? Because both members of the team share birthdays in April! Angela’vs birthday is today, April 20th and Wally’s is Sunday, April 23rd, so show us some love! Check out and share the website and also send us your bad date stories and relationship drama to! The latest blog, The Breakfast Club, has been posted. Read, laugh, SHARE! Latest …read more →

The Breakfast Club

So I met this guy through my internship and we hit it off very well. We kept in contact and went out on a few occasions.  I just so happened to be moving to his side of town, about 7 blocks away to be exact, so that was an added bonus. [Yay! More quality time.] Once I got settled after about a week or so, he invited me to come over to his place for …read more →

Save The Date! (Adult) Prom Night 2017

Maybe you loved prom. Maybe you hated it. Maybe you didn’t go at all. It doesn’t matter!!!! lol Dust off that Chinese collared tux or that ruffled gown and save the date for Prom Night, The Do-Over on June 24th. Make new memories! Save the date! Singles and couples welcome! Click HERE to see pictures from the 2016 Prom Night! Stay tuned for more details on (Adults only)  Submit your bad date stories! Have you ever been …read more →

Food Fight

So I was at a bar crawl with my boyfriend on a Saturday night and he invited some of his friends to tag along. As the night went on, my boyfriend seemed to have a chip on his shoulders by showboating and making snide remarks to me in front of his friends. [Ummmmm you need to chill out because I’m really not trying to tell you about yourself in front of your friends.] We wrapped things up …read more →

Not Interested

So I decided to take myself to brunch one Sunday at one of my favorite restaurants to get some work done. You know…kill two birds with one stone. Anyway as I was working on my laptop, I noticed this scruffy looking guy walking in my direction. I assumed he was going to a nearby table, but to my chagrin, he pulled up a chair RIGHT next to me. [F**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are sooooo many open seats in this place. Why are you encroaching on …read more →

Thanks: Laser Tag Pics

The team would like to thank everyone for attending Late Night Laser Tag this past Saturday. We had a ball and hope you did as well.  Click the image above  to see pictures from the event. We look forward to seeing you in June for Prom Night, The Do-Over (for adults only), so stay tuned for more details. Be sure to check out to read the HILARIOUS bad date stories and share your own. We post …read more →

Cash Me Outside?

So I have known this girl since undergrad (so about 15 years) and the timing was always off for us: either I was clueless and naive or she had a boyfriend when I came to my senses.  Anyway, we reconnected and started spending time together going to happy hour, movies, dinner…the regular stuff. As time went on, our feelings grew stronger and we spent a lot more time together at her place and mine. [Cue porn …read more →