Chinese Restaurant

A female friend set me up on a blind date with a young woman she has known for a while, with no real plans I agreed and decide to take her to a Cantonese restaurant I frequent. I pick her up at what I thought was her home that turned out to be an empty apartment and I mean empty not one piece of furniture anywhere. After our introductions to one another we got underway, we got to know each other on the ride to the restaurant as the the conversation goes she tells me she has two boys with her husband red flag pops up in my head are you divorced or just separated I ask, she response with he’s locked up for life on a murder charge. That gave her a half a strike. We arrived at the restaurant get seated and continue talking, upon looking at the menu she says oh this is a Chinese restaurant, briefly I explain that Cantonese is just a style of Chinese cooking. The waiter tells us the special for tonight chicken wings in a spicy garlic sauce she orders that I have the lemon chicken and I ask her what kind of rice she would like because you order that separate, so she ask the waiter how much is the wings cost which I let her know I have it covered but she still wanted to know,when she heard the price she responds by saying the Chinese restaurant I go to you can get 4 wings and fried rice for $5.00 as I look at the waiter who is just fighting back the laughter I ejected her from the game it was a long drive home after that

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Restaurant”

  1. common sense as a guy says… if a woman is that hard pressed that she needs to have a blind date… chances are that it’s a woman that you wouldn’t want to go on a date with in the first place… soooo don’t even bother unless you just want to get it in or something and have no other options… outside of that, avoid, avoid, avoid…