The Klutz

So I’d been seeing this guy for a while and he asked me out on a dinner date. I liked him a whole hell of a lot so, of course, I accepted.

We had a fabulous time at the restaurant…the food was great, service spectacular, and the ambiance was just perfect. We couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment by holding hands, feeding each other, and sharing a kiss or two. It was just great! [My heart still flutters]


We decided to go to the liquor store before heading back to his place [I was staying the night] to continue the party  over drinks and hookah. As we got up to leave the restaurant, my date misjudged his exit route from the table and completely spilled both of our water glasses all over his clothing and onto the floor. The commotion was a little loud and our table instantly became the center of attention. Fortunately, he had a good sense of humor and we both chuckled about his pants being drenched in water.


We picked up the alcohol from the liquor store and then headed to the grocery store so that I could grab some cherries and pineapple to add to our drinks because I was going to play bartender [I just had to be fancy]. Since my date was pushing the cart, I handed him the jar of cherries to add to the basket. Instead of him putting it securely at the bottom part of the cart, he placed the cherries at the top and guess what? The jar fell out of the cart and broke leaving cherry juice and glass scattered across the floor. [Holy sh*t man! Clean up on aisle 6!] I freaked out for half a second because the glass shattered close to my brand new shoes and I didn’t want the cherry juice to stain them [Yes, that was a semi-selfish move, but, hey, I really liked those shoes so what can I say? lol] He apologized for his overall clumsiness saying he was having an off night, so we grabbed a replacement jar of cherries, and finally went to his place to relax.


When we got to his place, we had an absolute ball…he loved the drinks I made, the hookah was great, followed by conversation, kissing, music, and dancing [Yes, we danced and it was so much fun!]. We decided to take the party up to his room and watch movies before going to bed. I let him know that I wanted to jump in the shower before getting in bed to wash the night’s funk off of my body.

Sexy couple in the shower

Unexpectedly, my date hopped in the shower shortly after I got in [Well alright now! Didn’t know you were going to join me, but I’m down!] and we continued our kissing fest. This wasn’t our first time being intimate, so I welcomed the company. In my mind, this was going to be one of those hot and steamy shower scenes that you see in the movies [with the exception of me getting my hair wet….that I’m not down for. lol] and it started out that way.  We were kissing, hugging, squeezing, caressing, etc. I mean it was about to go DOWN and then out of nowhere, this dude fell out of the shower. I repeat, HE FELL OUT OF THE SHOWER! [HOLY MOTHER F***N SH*T!!!]

falls out of shower


Technically, the date wasn’t truly over because I still liked the guy and it wasn’t a bad date, but trust and believe that every ounce of sexual energy was replaced with nonstop laughter at that moment. I laughed so hard that I couldn’t breathe and I think a little bit of pee came out too. The good thing is, my date was physically ok. He was not injured or anything like that, but nothing sexual occurred because I honestly could not stop laughing. I laughed myself to sleep and even woke up laughing the next day. Poor baby! I’m going to have to get my honey a helmet, gloves, and shower shoes.


Still Laughing

How would you have reacted in that situation? Would you have been able to control your laughter? Post your feedback below!

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