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So I was at my homeboy’s house party where this woman sparked a conversation with me.  I was digging her because her vibes were on point and she was chill.  It took me three months to ask her out because I was fresh out of a relationship and was taking things very slowly.  Anyway, I invited her to dinner at a popular Brazilian steakhouse and she agreed to meet me there.

lambI arrived at the restaurant looking forward to our first date only to find out that she had the nerve to bring a friend.  [Who TF does that?] Her friend was cute and I was hungry, so I stayed.  I didn’t really say much because the two of them did most of the talking while the friend played spokesman so to speak.

I pretty much chilled and laid back as the night went on, but then the check came. This chick, my “date”, not only asked me to pay for her meal, but she asked me to pay for her friend’s meal as well.

This Date Is OVER!

I told her f*ck no and she caught an attitude with me.  So I paid for my food and left them both at the restaurant to figure out who was going to cover their tabs. How do you invite someone I don’t even know when I don’t even know you on our first date?  First dates are one-on-one. You don’t bring company.

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She thought I was a punk
P.S. She never apologized and, in fact, she called me about a month later and wanted to go out again, but I blocked her.

What would you do in this situation?  Would you have continued the date? Do you think he should have stayed? How do you feel he handled the date?

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