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So this guy I hadn’t spoken to since the beginning of the year called me around Thanksgiving to catch up.  I wasn’t too enthusiastic about his call because he had been unresponsive when I tried to reach him a few times previously, but I decided to hear him out.  Apparently, he moved out of the area, 1000+ miles to be exact [I would have known that had he kept in touch], and he wanted to get together.  I declined because I wasn’t going to make time to see someone who disappeared for damn near an entire year.

As a consolation, I humored the guy by having a video chat and  expressed my disappointment with how he handled things between us. He apologized and asked for forgiveness.  He said that since he didn’t do a good job of keeping in touch in the past [he probably had a damn girlfriend. lol], that he would do so moving forward to show that he was truly interested.

He kept his word and his communication did a complete 180. He was calling, texting, you name it, on a regular basis.  Although I didn’t take him too seriously because of the distance [something I shared with him], we remained cool.

He wanted to get back in my good graces for being M.I.A. earlier in the year and shared that he’d be in town a few days after Christmas.  He asked that I clear my schedule for Wednesday evening so that he could make it up to me.  He asked that I look into some things to do that were subway accessible since he wouldn’t be driving while in the area, so I sent over some suggestions: comedy show, bowling, concert, etc.  He selected the comedy show.


One month later as scheduled, he arrived to town right after Christmas.  We spoke on the phone to discuss the logistics of our upcoming outing set for the following day and I let him know that the doors opened at 6:30p and showtime was at 7:30p.

On the day of our date, I called him when I got off of work at around 3pm, but he didn’t answer. I sent a text, but still no response.  [Uh oh! Not a good sign.] I decided not to get ready since he wasn’t responsive [If I can’t reach a person before we are supposed to meet, oftentimes I will not get ready], so I took a nap.


He called me at around 5:15pm saying he had just gotten back from the barbershop and needed to shower.[Uh oh! Getting right for our date! I see you playa!]  He asked if I thought we had enough time to catch the show and I said “yes” because the show didn’t start until 7:30pm and he was only a couple of metro stops away from the comedy club.

I rushed to get myself together since I had been napping when I received another call from the guy at around 6pm.

Him: Man, I don’t really feel like going out because I’ve been riding on the subway all day.

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This Date Is OVER!

I didn’t have the energy nor feel the need to argue with the guy for being so insensitive and simply said “ok”.  He proceeded to invite me over to where he was staying to “chill” [Chill? Man if you don’t get the hell on!], but I declined and ended the conversation.  He texted me few minutes later saying “you mad?”, but I didn’t bother to respond which prompted him to call me.

Him: Did you get my text?
Me: Yes. What’s up?
Him: Why didn’t you respond then?
Me: Because it wasn’t worth responding to.
Him:  Alright, well FUCK IT.
[Ends call]

Surprised young african woman with hands over her mouth

[Well damn! lol]

He texted me again:

I don’t see why you couldn’t come over here. It ain’t like I’m trying to f*ck or something. I genuinely wanted to see you. I just didn’t feel like having a car up here.

please stop

Again, I didn’t bother replying to his message because it was pointless in my opinion.  I extended myself far enough by setting aside time in my schedule and found a location that was subway accessible both per his request.  So having any further dialogue with this primadonna was beneath me, although I should’ve just ignored his invitation to reconnect in the first place.  I was trying to see the good in him, but it didn’t work out.  Lesson learned!


He Should’ve Stayed M.I.A.

What would you do in this situation?  Should she have bothered taking his initial call in November? Would you give him a second chance?

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