The Graduation

So I was very cool with my boyfriend’s family and had known them for close to two years. They lived out of state, about 300 miles, so I would only see them when I joined my boyfriend (when my schedule permitted) on a road trip, which was about 3-4 times a year.

Anyway, my boyfriend wanted me to accompany him to visit his family for a special occasion: his little brother was graduating high school. [YAY!]  I thought that was all fine and dandy and was excited to attend the ceremony because his brother was such a great kid with a bright future.  The only problem was that my boyfriend planned on driving up on a Monday when the graduation was actually on Friday.  [TF you going up so early for?]

I told my boyfriend that timeframe wasn’t going to work for me because I’d have to miss too many days of work, but I’d be happy to meet him up there on Thursday night [I was gonna catch the bus] and he looked at me like I had two heads or was speaking German.

This led to an unexpected argument/shouting match [well he was doing the shouting] and him going off the deep end in my opinion.

Him: That’s messed up that you’re not trying to be there to support me and my family. I’m always at your family events!
Me: Ummmm yeah, my family is closer [10 miles away] and that’s the only reason why you see them more. If your family was closer, we’d see them a lot more too.  That’s not even a fair comparison though.
Him: But that’s my brother!
Exactly! That’s your brother. Not mine. You know I love your family, but I’m not using 5 days of leave for a graduation. Sorry.  I will catch the bus and meet you out there on Thursday night so that we can go to the graduation on Friday morning.
Him: You’re not being supportive!
Me: How am I not being supportive when I’m still planning on attending the graduation and will be with y’all for the entire weekend? I’m just not riding up there with you on Monday.

He stormed off and continued his rant calling me selfish and unsupportive.


So now he’s mad and not speaking to me and I guess I’m not going to the graduation at all it seems.

What sense does it make for me to burn a hole in my leave for a damn high school graduation for someone that isn’t even my brother? Hell, I’m not taking that many days off for my own brother. Mexico, yes. Family, HELL NO! If he wants me to use that many days off, that better include him and me on an exotic beach away from both of our families.


Am I Trippin?


What would you do in this situation? Did he overreact? Was she being unreasonable? What would be a good resolution? Would you use 5 days of PTO for a high school graduation? How can they work this out?

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