I just had one of the most horrific…

I just had one of the most horrific encounters with a male ever… I quit smoking over a year ago and I vowed that I would not date anyone who does. I made an exception recently with the knowledge that he wants to stop and that he wouldn’t smoke around me. Cool, right? NOT! The first time we hung out it was cool. But our most recent encounter was disastrous! He got in my car and IT hit me. What was that smell? Yeah I smelled cigs but this was worse! Ummm dirty clothes, laundry bag kinda dirty clothes mixed with old cigs and stink cig breath! UGH! I was upset to say the least. We get back to my house and I couldn’t take it. I eventually had to take him home because of the smell and I no longer want to see him. My daughter even asked “what’s that smell? I smell a dead skunk!” I finally came clean this morning letting him know I can’t deal with the smoker’s smell but I couldn’t tell him that he stinks ALL THE WAY. Was I wrong for not telling him the full truth?

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