I met someone from eHarmony and we were…

I met someone from eHarmony and we were taking it slow as in just being friends at the moment. I was cool with that. We planned for her to come up and visit me and we were going to “hang out.” I was showing her around D.C. nothing intimate or special. She came up from Richmond Friday evening and we went out that night. So we decided to go to Kobe, the plan was to pay half since this wasn’t a date. Oh when this heffa saw the bill, she looked over at me and said “you got this right?” I politely paid the bill while rolling my eyes hard as hell. Then she said “my treat tomorrow” This heffa took me to Busboys and Poet. I love Busboys, but dammit they doesn’t amount to that seafood you guzzled down your throat! This date is over and you need to go back home asap

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