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VOTE BELOW! and Deejayz United invite you to the opportunity to go back in time and join us for Prom Night…The Do-Over on Saturday, June 25th at 9pm in Laurel, MD.

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Vote For Prom King

Vote for one of our awesome contestants below.  One lucky winner will be crowned  Prom King. Prom King will be announced during at Prom Night, The Do-Over on Saturday, June 25th.  Don’t miss out on the festivities! Visit to purchase tickets & for more info. Advance sales only!

Prom King

Chris J
Chris C

Survey Maker


Name: Chris J

Age: 30 Something

Hometown:  Detroit, MI

Profession:  Program Coordinator for a Military Non-Profit

Reason why do he deserves to be Prom King: Because it’s a chance for me to be the brightest star in my dream girl’s constellation.

Favorite blog post/story:  The blog post I favored was Thank God for Facebook (TGFF) because I found out that a girl I was dating had a son by one of my old soldiers due to facebook (FB). That turned out to be a deal breaker for me. I couldn’t be his leader and have sex his baby mama. It was a total conflict of interest.

Worst date story:    I went on a date to the Kennedy Center to see Alvin Ailey. We didn’t even make it to intermission before I looked over and she was knocked out asleep. Never been so insulted or embarrassed in my life.


Name: Chris C

Age: 30 Something

Hometown:  Kingston, Jamaica

Profession:  Business Owner/Sales Manager/Computer Technician

Reason why do he deserves to be Prom King:  I don’t really think I deserve to be Prom King, but this is my first prom. So, that’s kinda awesome.

Favorite blog post/story:   My favorite blog is Nothing But Drama.  The girl found out that the dude she was dating had a baby mother that was pregnant and kept having relations with that dude.

Worst date story:    I went out with someone and she brought along 2 of her friends without my prior knowledge/consent. I ended up paying for them when we went out. Wasn’t an awesome date because her attention was divided.


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