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So I was driving home from work and happened to be listening to the radio, which is super rare for me. I overheard a commercial for a comedy show that was happening that coming Friday at 8pm which was a couple of days away. [Holy sh*t! Why am I just now hearing about this show? Where have I been?] Anyway, I had my mind set on getting tickets because there were a lot of great acts on the lineup and I love me a good comedy show.

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I called a guy that I hadn’t seen in a while, asked him to be my date, and he was down. [Yay! Did I mention he was fine as sh*t?? lol]  I let him know that I’d order the tickets when I got home and we’d figure out the other details like transportation and such.

To my dismay, the tickets were sold out. [F***!!!!!!!] Not one damn seat left…not a one!  I called the guy to let him know the situation and apologized that we weren’t able to go to the show. He suggested we go to the movies instead and I was fine with that as long as the showtime was around the time of our initial plans because I had to work very early the next morning.  He said he wanted to go to a theater that was 40 miles south of my house [the f***?] and I recommended another theater because his option was entirely too far.  We agreed to go the the movie theater we had gone to previously and I told him I’d order tickets to the 7:45pm show.

Friday arrived and I got a text from him at 4:45pm saying that he had just gotten off of work and that he’d pick me up at 7pm.  [SWEET!]

  • 6:45pm rolled around and he said he’d be there at 7:15pm. Fine. That still gives us time to get to the theater and get settled.
  • 7:15pm came and went…no sign of the guy and I started to get annoyed because I rushed myself to get together and I didn’t want to miss the movie.
  • At 7:21pm, I received another text saying he’d get there at 7:33pm [what kind of random ass bullsh*t time is that?] and by that time I was pissed.  [The movie starts at 7:45pm…we gotta find parking and a good seat. I don’t have time for this sh*t!]  He told me to stop being mad because he was on his way and started to send me some kissing emojis to soften the mood. [Stop being mad? How about you stop being late? GTFOH

I said to myself, “If this dude isn’t here by 7:33pm, I’m leaving.” 7:33pm arrived and guess what?  HE WASN’T THERE!



I hopped in my car, broke all kinds of traffic laws and made it to the theater right before the movie started [Damn! I missed the previews!], and got a refund for the ticket that I purchased for him.   He called me at 7:45pm to tell me he was outside of my house. [Haaaaaaaaaaa! Boy bye!]

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Him: I’m outside of your house.
Me: I left.
Him: You left me?
Me: I sure did. You are late. You took too long.
Him: Oh aiight then.
Me: Have a good night.

I knew that me leaving pretty much sealed the deal between him and I [not in a good way] and I was fine with that because it’s not like we were building anything serious. I could have waited for him, but I was beyond through at that moment. I felt that his actions were rude and I don’t recall him even bothering to a) apologize or b) explain why he was late.  He got off at 4:45pm, so  I’m not certain why he couldn’t get himself together and be and my house by 7pm as HE suggested.  It’s not like I asked him to pick me up anyway.  And besides, I think me leaving was for the better because I’m certain I would’ve had an attitude once I saw him. Oh well!


Don’t Keep Me Waiting 


What would you do in this situation?  Was she too impatient? Was he wrong? Should she have waited?

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