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Vote Below! and Deejayz United invite you to the opportunity to go back in time and join us for Prom Night…The Do-Over on Saturday, June 25th at 9pm in Laurel, MD.

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Vote For Prom Queen

Vote for one of our awesome contestants below.  One lucky winner will be crowned  Prom Queen. Prom Queen will be announced during at Prom Night, The Do-Over on Saturday, June 25th.  Don’t miss out on the festivities! Visit to purchase tickets & for more info. Advance sales only!


Who is your pick for Prom Queen?



Meet The Ladies:

Name: Bako

Age: 30 Something

Hometown: Hyattsville, MD

Profession:  Law Enforcement

Reason why she deserves to be Prom Queen: Why not?

Favorite blog post/story:   My favorite blog is Unhappy Birthday. The story about the girl going to Miami for her birthday with the guy she’d been seeing for 7 months and him not paying for anything for her but fake balling to impress strangers.  I just found the story so insane. I wish a mother… would try that with me.  It would’ve had a completely different ending.

Worst date story:    The worse date was when I went on a double date with a friend in college out of pity (her date’s friend liked me and asked his friend to ask my friend to ask me to go out with him). I already knew I wasn’t interested in the guy but I went out anyway just for fun. When the guys arrived to pick us up, another friend was with us in my dorm room. My date had on some Hawaiian type shirt and we both burst out laughing. The date only went downhill from there. Long story short, my date and I spent the majority of the date joking on each other. I had to make fun of his Hawaii 5.0 shirt having ass and roasted him on his beat up ass Jordans. At the end of the night, he stayed in his friend’s car while the rest of us went to my room and talked.



Name:  Joaquina

Age:  30 Something

Hometown:  Clinton, MD

Profession:  Photographer

Reason why she deserves to be Prom Queen: Because I support the TDIO movement lol.

Favorite blog post/story:  Favorite?  I would have to say Unhappy Birthday, where the guy ruined the young ladies birthday. It kind hit home and I thought it was just awful. It definitely deserved the stamp of “THIS RELATIONSHIP IS OVER.”

Worst date story: My prom date from high school was 2hrs late picking me up. Then when we got to prom, he conveniently forgot his wallet.


Name: Raniece

Age:  40 Something

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Profession: Caseworker

Reason why she deserves to be Prom Queen: I wouldn’t say I deserve to be Prom Queen. I will say it will be an honor to have my fellow peers vote me in as Prom Queen. I would be flattered that others see the inner beauty that illuminates the outer beauty.

Favorite blog post/story:  I really like the, Do you Really need that Magnum blog Lol.  I have had my fair share of those who thought they fitted a magnum, lol. It’s so funny as I think about it. So this guy and I were getting hot and heavy ready to get down with the the get down. So I asked, “you got a condom?” He says, “nah you?” I said I only have the gold and black joints. He was like, “ok cool get and a rubber band” I’m saying to myself why would we need a rubber band? Needless to say, I didn’t have a rubber band but I had a black scrunchy, lol. This fool put the magnum on — it was helluva baggy.  Then he wraps the black scrunchy around the base of his penis Lol smh.   Now at this point I’m like, ” soooo, where are you putting that black scrunchy at? Most def not in me!!”  This knee-grow holler, “you won’t even feel it.” I said, “you damn right I won’t feel it because this here is not going to happen lmbo.  He was dead ass serious about having sex with a baggy condom with a black scrunchy on it, blah ha ha ha ha.

Worst date story:  This guy kept bugging me for a date. I finally gave in.  I am a lady and would like to be treated as such. Well he bragged on how much a gentleman he was. Lies I tell you. Just lies. Date night came.  He arrives in his car; he’s honking for me to come out.  The dude couldn’t even come to my door?!  He just sat in the car. When I get to the car door he bends over the seat and asked was I getting in. I knew right then the date was going to be a disaster. However I stayed optimistic. We get to the movies, I carried a jacket because it was cold. So I draped my jacket over my legs. This fool thought that was an invite to feel my treasure box. I gave him the look of death and tried to break all his fingers. He got the hint. So next he puts his arm around my seat. Ok, fine. But what he tried to do was feel my lovely ladies lumps. At that point I was pissed. I walked out the theater ASAP.  He followed me asking what did he do? Knee-grow please just take me home!! He did and this fool tried to kiss me good night. He got a smack and car door to his face. Good riddance.


Name: Valentine

Age: 30 Something

Hometown: Washington, DC

Profession:   Registered Nurse

Reason why she deserves to be Prom Queen:  I deserve to be prom queen because I dropped out of high school and went on to graduate from Georgetown University.  I am an example of resilience and show that anything is possible through perseverance.

Favorite blog post/story:  I enjoyed 2 Dates & A Baby because it was insightful to see just how desperate some can be on the dating scene.

Worst date story:    I haven’t dated in so long….I really can’t remember.


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