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Man and Woman Drinking at Bar So I was at  a holiday party on a Thursday night with one of my girlfriends and the place [a nightclub] was packed.  There was a free buffet and, naturally, we gravitated to that line. [Hey! A girl’s gotta eat! Why turn down free food? Lol]

While in line, this rather attractive guy approached me and it appeared that the attraction was mutual.  We had some small talk, exchanged numbers, and that was that.  I let him know that I had a busy weekend ahead due to previous engagements and the fact that it was a few days before Christmas, but that we’d definitely get a chance to speak once the dust settled.


He texted me that Saturday, but I completely forgot to respond because I was distracted and tied up with throwing my own party.  Once my party ended in the wee hours of the morning, I sent him a text message apologizing for the delayed response.

I only got a couple hours of sleep before I had to get up and head to another function: private brunch.  I shot dude a couple of quick texts and let him know that I was headed to my next event. He asked me to send him some pictures from brunch and since I HATE when people ask me for pictures [especially when we haven’t even gone out yet], I sent him a picture of my food. lol After brunch, I did a little Christmas shopping and crashed as soon as I got home because I had to work the next day.

Monday arrived and it was back to the rat race. I received a good morning text from the guy and we exchanged pleasantries.  We started talking about football and out of nowhere, he sent me 3 pictures of himself. [Ummmmm thanks? How narcissistic are you?] I told him that I thought him sending me pictures was random because I know what he looks like [I HATE unsolicited pictures from someone I just met! And this fool sent me 3, I repeat, THREE damn pictures like this was his online dating profile. This ain’t Tinder Bih! ] and his response was “life is unpredictable”.  That was the extent of our conversation because I was at work dealing with a number of customers and my job is VERY busy during the holiday season.

Thursday came around and I had completely forgotten to reach back out to the guy. [Sh*t! My bad] Work was crazy and I was trying to wrap up a few last minute things for Christmas since I did my shopping extremely late. He texted me that evening and seemed to be upset.

selfie king 1selfie king 2I thought the guy was being overly sensitive and because I didn’t want the text “disagreement” to go any further, I decided to call him to clear the air. I mean, it wasn’t that serious in my opinion.

Me: Hey! I just wanted to clear the air because I didn’t want you to think I was mad or anything like that.
Him: First of all, you need to greet me properly when you call my phone. 
Me: confused dogs
Me: Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I wasn’t mad at you and I don’t think this text spat or whatever you want to call it is necessary.
Him: Well, it’s rude that you didn’t respond.
Me: I didn’t know that your last line “life is unpredictable” warranted a response. I thought that was the end of the conversation. Besides if you….
[he interrupted me] 
Him: Well, you should’ve…
Me: Excuse me, I was speaking. 
[he started raising his voice]
Him: That’s not how a conversation works. It’s with two people and both people get to talk.
Me: Yeah, but I was in the middle of speaking and when I’m done, you will have the floor. Anyway, if you really wanted there to be more dialogue, you could’ve actually had more to say or simply call…
[he interrupted me again and started shouting]
Him: I don’t know what kind of  n*ggas you deal with, but I ain’t no p*ssy ass n*gga!!!
Me: confused dogs

This Date Is OVER!

This guy had a serious meltdown. I mean he was absolutely livid.  He probably didn’t hear me because he was yelling/ranting the entire time, but I said “I’m not going to argue with you chief. Bye!”, hung up, and blocked him immediately.

Of course, I could’ve called the guy beforehand or initiated more conversation before that point, but, honestly, I forgot.  It’s not that I didn’t want to get to know the him. I just had so much stuff going on and plus it was less than a week before Christmas. I would’ve been able to explain that had he not had a full-blown temper tantrum.



I Can’t Deal With An Argumentative Dude


What would you do in this situation?  Was she too insensitive? Was he too sensitive? Did he overreact? Did she overreact?

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