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Have you ever been on a BAD DATE? 

Well here's your opportunity to tell your story.  Give us all of the juicy details. The use of full or real names is strictly prohibited. In other words, tell us the what, when, where, how, and why MINUS the who.

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I consider myself to be a pretty intuitive…

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I consider myself to be a pretty intuitive person. There are signals that might be minute, but tell you in a subtle way not to do particular things. For example, you can sense when a brawl is about to erupt in a night club, you gather your shit and leave. You know for some reason not to take off abruptly when that light changes to green, some fool might try to run the opposing light. In addition, you can sense when something is not right about the neighborhood you are traveling through, so you tread lightly and get the hell out of Dodge. When...

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Years ago I decided to try on line…

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Years ago I decided to try on-line dating. Many of my friends were trying it and had some success so I posted my first profile. I got a response. From the photos and the profile I was impressed. Several messages, responses, replies, and we finally exchange numbers to meet. We talked over the phone for a week or two and agreed to meet in person. We concur upon a date, but didn’t have solidified what we would do. We met and had a drink and decided that since we have a mutual like in movies that we would go and watch one together. We head to the...

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