The Breakfast Club

So I met this guy through my internship and we hit it off very well. We kept in contact and went out on a few occasions.  I just so happened to be moving to his side of town, about 7 blocks away to be exact, so that was an added bonus. [Yay! More quality time.]

Once I got settled after about a week or so, he invited me to come over to his place for breakfast the coming Saturday morning [Hell yeah! Count me in! I love a man in the kitchen!].  He asked me the type of foods I liked so that he could have an idea of what to buy from the store and it was a pretty basic list from him to choose: bacon, eggs, waffles, pancakes, biscuits, potatoes, orange juice.  [This was just a list of the things I like for breakfast not to be interpreted that I wanted him to buy all of that.]

Saturday arrived and there was a little extra pep in my step because I was going to spend time with my potential boo him and the man was going to cook me breakfast. [Double your pleasure!] As I was putting on my shoes to head over to his house, he called me with some cockamayme story of only having eggs and that he thought he had pancake mix and blah blah blah, but he didn’t. [Sir, you said that you had this. I’m not understanding why you aren’t prepared. It’s not like I suggested this breakfast thing.] STRIKE ONE!

Of course, I was annoyed and thought about cancelling, but sh*t happens [I guess] and I decided to make the most of it by supplying items that I already had at home: bacon, waffles, orange juice, syrup, butter, and cheese [gotta have cheese in my eggs and I’m certain he didn’t have that either].

Breakfast was behind because I had to sit there and wait for him to cook since I provided the majority of the food instead of everything being ready when I arrived as initially planned, so I was STARVING. STRIKE TWO!

Breakfast was finally ready and we sat down to eat. As we both finished our meals, he got up from the table taking his plate only.  I assumed it was because he was going to grab seconds. Nope, he was done, as I saw him discarding his plate.  I asked him to take my plate since I had finished eating as well and his response was “the trash can is over there”. STRIKE THREE!

This Date Is OVER!

This dude outright refused to discard my plate and by that time, I had had enough. [Finally, right? lol]

Let’s recap…he invited me over so that he could fix breakfast, but I provided the bulk of the food which was not a part of the original plan and he couldn’t even discard my plate as a guest in his home.  Maybe I’m different or more hospitable, but when I’m cooking for a love interest, I serve and discard their plates….Oh and I have food readily available in my home because I go grocery shopping in ADVANCE because I like to be prepared [unless we discussed beforehand that he’s bringing the groceries.]

I got up, grabbed my things, left the plate on the table, and headed home.

I attribute this whole situation to being young, dumb, and partly smitten because I cannot fathom why I even went through with this date when it was jacked up at the onset. lol


You Live & You Learn


What would you do in this situation?  Should he have cancelled or rescheduled the date? Did she overreact? What could he have done to save face?  Would you have continued the date with the guy?

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