This is an online meet up story It…

So, this is an online meet-up story. It began with some casual inbox messages, which I initiated. Later we exchanged numbers, had a typical humorous on-phone chat, and we decided to meet for drinks during the week. I showed up before she did and I was dam near about to leave out before she eventually arrived. Nonetheless she arrived looking sexy and a little thicker than those online pics, but I didn’t mention anything about it.

We grabbed a seat and her 1st convo topic is about her losing weight, which she dragged the server into. So for the 1st fifteen minutes she’s exchanging weight lost tips with the server. We now order one round of drinks, she paid for hers automatically so I just paid for mine and we started talking about happenings in DC. At some point in the convo she takes her phone out and starts making texting gestures and I called her out on it. She then explained that she’s “just looking at something”, so my nosey ass inquired. Now she scoots her chair closer my way to show me and it’s a picture of her looking slimmer and sexier in tights. Obviously the picture is old and I burst out laughing because I didn’t expect that.

Now she’s sliding through more pictures and it’s beginning to look like a weight gain timeline with less clothes on each time the picture changes. Not only were the photos getting more nude, but this woman looked like she was trying out for the thick edition of Cirque du Soleil. Pictures ranged from her hugging her knees in the mirror, to her touching the back of her ears with her toes. Then as she ends the sex slide show, she mentions a “fun fact” about her being able to reenact clapping with her ass cheeks. At this point her glass is filled with alcohol, so I’m thinking to myself; “if she’s sober, how does she act when tipsy”.

Nonetheless, I got the obvious point that she wanted to take me home so her neighbors could know my name, but that wasn’t my mindset at the time. I was more looking for a long-term relationship where as she just wanted to bang and hang. So the meet-up ended, we parted ways, one-week later she texted me a random Cirque du Soleil freaky photo but I didn’t respond. So she got the picture, and so did I (no pun intended)

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