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So I matched with this guy on tinder, we exchanged numbers from there and he suggested that we meet for drinks.  [Cool I love happy hour…right up my alley!] He asked me where I worked and I gave him some options to choose from that were close to me.  We narrowed it down to a sports bar or a swanky Mexican joint…..he chose the sports bar.

I beat him to the bar, so I ordered an appetizer and a drink while waiting.  I texted him to let him know where I was sitting and to see how long he would be.  He claimed he was looking for a parking space, but 30 minutes later, he finally walked in and sat down.  He was not as cute as his pics on tinder, but that’s beside the point.

time management concept. Stressed businesswoman looking at wrist watch, running late

Anyway, he ordered an orange juice…-_-.  Mind you HE suggested happy hour.  So I asked him if he didn’t like to drink since I found that to be weird when he suggested happy hour.  He said he has to be in the mood to drink….ok. [Whatever dude.]


We started talking and he looked at the menu from front to back twice and complained the entire time.  I suggested a few items on the menu and he turned them all down.  He finally decided to tell me that he doesn’t like many “American dishes” because he’s African and the only “American” food he likes is Mexican and Chinese food because of the rice [Oh the irony that the two “American” dishes he likes aren’t even American. but ok sir whatever].   So I sat there thinking to myself, but sir I ORIGINALLY HAD A MEXICAN PLACE IN THE OPTIONS AND YOU CHOSE THIS PLACE! You coulda chosen the Mexican joint if that was the case!


At that point, I was turned off because all he did was sit there complaining, which made it completely obvious that he didn’t really come on this date to get to know me…he just wanted to complain about Americans.


He rushed the date once he realized that I was uninterested after sitting there listening to him complain. He paid his tab, I paid my tab, and we went our separate ways.



Gotta love Tinder!


What would you do in this situation?

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