Why Me?

Wingman? Why? I decided to go on a double date, with my homie, and these two young ladies we met at the movies. We exchanged info and set a date, I left work and went to go scoop my date,  upon arriving to her house I realized that there were like 20 dudes in front of her house. I parked walked up spoke and realized she was sitting on the porch getting her hair braided, yes hair braided and only 1/4. of it was done. So I’m like so we still going out, she replied yes just give me an hour. So I call my homie and he’s like what time y’all going to be here, I’m like she’s getting her hair done. So when we got there 2 hours later, I was pissed on top of that she was extra rude to the waiter who she claimed was flirting with her man, who? Me.. #thisdateisover


Jeff Writes

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1 thought on “Why Me?”

  1. should’ve cancelled the movies and offered to chill as soon as you got there and saw all those dudes… chances are you didn’t even have to go anywhere with her… all the signs were there… next time, skip the BS…